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Entre el Cielo y el Mar...  

Francisco Villegas


Nadia Borislova, Guitar


Entre en Cielo y el mar..., (Between the Sky and the Sea...,) is a composition inspired by the poems Rosagramas of Manuel Contreras by Victor Toledo and by the work La flor recuerda a la lluvia (The Flower Remembers the Rain) by Nadia Borislova. He composed a series of five preludes that through their development relate the encounter between the natural order and the divine order, the magic that is embodied in the cycle of life... and in the universe itself. The structures of the five preludes allude to a collection of ideas that depart from analyses of the preludes of Chopin, Scriabin and Shostakovich, in a formal language based on a play of tension and relaxation originating in the very different combinations of the interval of the 4th and augmented 4th. The central idea of each piece is to explore and to focus on the diverse resonances of the instrument, whether caused by the union of intervals utilized or by the fingering utilized, resonance being a constant concern in the construction of his most recent works. 

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