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He is the recipient of various awards in recognition of his artistic work, among which include:

1994 - Youth National Journalism Award "Fernando Benítez"
1996 - Award Winner II ended in Fall '96 Art Fair
1996 - CLFC Scholarship for academic merit
1997 - Young Creators Scholarship Special Fund for Culture and the Arts of the State of Mexico.

1997 1999 - Finalist in the National Youth Award 

1999 - Obtaining title with distinction awarded by The Royal Schools of Music of London and the

1999 - Guitar Professor Title issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain
2002 - Scholarship of the UNAM-SEDESOL for the realization of social service
2002 - Scholarship for Young Artists Mexiquence Institute of Culture, during the year

2006 - Young Creators Scholarship Fund for Culture and Arts of the State of Mexico (

commission to write the Concerto for Baroque guitar and orchestra "Concierto Murciano”)
2007 - Winner of National Composition Contest "Poetry in 6 Strings", "Between the sky and sea ..."

was published in Stockholm, Sweden Syukhtun Editions 

2009 - Selected for the International Forum of New Music "Manuel Enríquez"
2009 - Grant from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA)
2009-"Menzione speciale" in the 2°Concorso Internazionale di Composizione per Chitarra

Brescia Chitarra Contemporanea
2011 - Was awarded the work "Concierto Murciano"

in the First Competition for Composition of National University
2015 - Grant from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA)
2016 - Winner of the Second Composition Contest Manuel M. Ponce 

2018 - Finalist in the International Guitar Festival Rust 2018 Composition Contest (Austria)

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